1 day classroom course

PACKAGE INCLUDES 1 breakfast, 1 lunch,  2 snack breaks (Fruits, Chips & cookies) Coffee, Tea, Sodas & Bottle Water.


Live class CPO attendees - we provide food & beverages for PACKAGE attendees (BASIC attendees need to bring their own "brown bag" lunch, snacks & beverages)... We have two 10-15 minute breaks, plus a  30-minute lunch break.

CPO Live - Pool Operator Fusion™ ("All-Inclusive" Package)

2019 Class Dates

This one-day classroom course is the second step to earning a CPO® Certification for those that successfully completed the Pool Operator Primer™ Online course.  In this course, the instructor will review concepts in the online course, answer questions, cover state codes and administer an exam.  

Students must present a Pool Operator Primer™ record of completion to the instructor at the beginning of the course.  Successful completion of the Pool Operator Fusion™ course will earn a CPO® Certification.