Portofino University:

The Clear Choice for Pool Professionals


  • 50 + Online courses are available 24/7.

  • Live Certified Pool Operator classes are available throughout the year.

  • Choose from Two (2) Certified Operator courses, CPO or PPSO. Both courses are accepted and approved by the State of Florida, Georgia and 25+ other USA states.

  • Portofino University offers 7 different certifications: Builder, Service, Retail, etc.

  • Live Class Dates —one (1) course available each month, alternating CPO or PPSO.

  • Recertification Course Discounts and Military Discounts are available.

Portofino University Live Classes Schedule 2020

• Certified Pool Operator, PPSO - February 6th & 7th.

• Certified Pool Operator, CPO - March 12th, 13th.
• Certified Pool Operator, PPSO - April 9th, 10th.
• Certified Pool Operator, CPO - May 14th, 15th.
• Certified Pool Operator, PPSO - September 10th, 11th.
• Certified Pool Operator, CPO - October 22nd, 23rd.





















Our goal is NOT to just show you how to pass the test.

Our goal is to TEACH you the information you need to know to be successful in this industry.

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Portofino University is the clear choice when it comes to training and certification in the swimming pool industry. With a wide selection of on-line training and live courses, Portofino offers a superior experience and superior results in pool industry education.


Whether you are ENTRY LEVEL or HIGHLY ADVANCED, we have classes that will help you take your career to the next level.

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On-line Training

We offer online training for PPSO, CPO, & Work Safety and Other Courses.

Live Courses

We offer Live Courses for PPSO and CPO. Live classes are held at 6005 Powers Avenue, Suite 101, Jacksonville, Florida 32217

Maintenance and Operation Training

In our Maintenance and Operation Training we offer CMS, CPO and PPSO courses.

Equipment Repair Training

Our Equipment Repair Training consists of CST, CSP and CHHT courses.

Construction Training

In Construction Training we offer the world-class APSP CBP / Pool Spa Construction Course.


Portofino University 

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